Program Description

Advanced Pathway

Team Toptenn

TEAM Toptenn Acceleration and Performance Packages are ideal for both new players and young players from our Hot Shots and Teen Xtreme coaching programs who demonstrate aptitude and clearly wish to progress to the next level.

These packages are designed to ‘accelerate progress’ and give aspiring junior players the skills required to play in our invitation only TEAM Toptenn squads.  To be selected for the program players will need to have developed good technical fundamentals for their age, be regularly competing in  tournaments and be committed to attending a specific weekly training schedule. Players will be evaluated by the coaching team on a termly basis and must meet the specific standards set to be invited back each term.
The long-term goal of performance players should be to work towards accomplishing a high standard in tennis and the opportunity of gaining a scholarship place at university in either the UK, USA or compete in the world of professional tennis.

The focus of this program is to teach players “how to win” by consolidating their technical skills being developed in lessons and integrating these into tactical situations.

For further information about our junior programs or to book a free introductory lesson please register by following the link below or by calling reception on:

(03) 9830 6618

 Term Dates & Pricing

Acceleration Package

  • 45 Minute Class + 60 Minute Squad
  • 2 sessions weekly
  • 10 Weeks
  • Monday 17th July – Sunday 24th September

Lesson Only

  • 45 Minute Classes
  • 1 session weekly + Discounted Holiday Programs
  • 10 Weeks
  • Monday 17th July – Sunday 24th September

Performance Package

  • 45 Minute Class + 60 Minute Squad + 45 Minute Private
  • 3 sessions weekly
  • 10 Weeks
  • Monday 17th July – Sunday 24th September

Meet The Coach

Peter Owen
Peter OwenDirector of Tennis
Peter currently owns and manages Toptenn Tennis Promotions P/L in Melbourne Australia.

Peter’s tennis career began with successful junior performances at State and National level, including selection in Victoria’s Linton Cup Squad. Peter represented universities in both Tennessee and Texas in NCAA Division 1 and NAIA respectively and later played the U.S. and European Professional Tennis Circuit. Peter has been active in tennis coaching for the past 25 years, including positions in many clubs throughout Victoria. His international experience includes coaching at various John Newcombe Tennis Centres throughout the U.S., and also the prestigious Century Country Club in New York.

Peter’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education and a Diploma of Tennis Coaching. Peter is a registered member of Tennis Coaches Australia Victoria, Tennis Australia Coach Membership and is also a registered member of the United States Professional Tennis Association at the highest level. Peter is one of only 28 coaches Australia wide to hold the TA Master Club Professional Coaching qualification. Peter served as President of Tennis Coaches Australia Victoria in 2006/2007 and has seen it through a very challenging and exciting period with the restructuring of Tennis Australia. Peter is one of five delegates nationally to be appointed to the Tennis Australia National Coach Advisory Group. Peter continues to attend many international conferences to ensure his staff and students receive the latest training methods and programs.

    Squad is designed to provide quality structured practice, and to teach students activities and drills they can use when they practise with a parent, a friend, or their team. It is an opportunity to apply the technical skills explored in the technical sessions.

    We teach students how to think their way through a match and how to begin analysing and correcting their mistakes as they happen. In other words helping students to figure out reasons rather than excuses for their mistakes!

    Students can be “over-coached” and are unable to think for themselves in a pressure or competitive situation. Skill is executing correct technique and making correct decisions under pressure. Often the measure of a champion is having the ability to manufacture a win when things are not going to plan.

    The emphasis in squad is more on tactics. However tactics are pretty useless if their is no technical foundation to support them. In other words it is difficult to hit a short angle if you don’t have the shot in your skills repertoire. This is why we strongly recommend students continue with their technical lessons.

    Students who are doing our Hot Shots or Teen Xtrem programs and Team Toptenn Squad get a special  discount for doing 2 lessons in a term.

    Other squad bonuses are Toptenn’s state of the art Video Analysis tools, Rafa and Roger the Ball Machines, maintenance of a computerised challenge system, fitness development and our end of semester parties and movie nights.
    Yes. The Directors and Professional Coaches at Toptenn strongly recommend that players continue to participate in Hot Shots and Teen Xtreme technical coaching as the two programs are highly integrated and compliment each other. Participating in both programs also gives you the opportunity to play and practice twice a week – which is essential for development in any sport, instrument or other technical activity

    Team Toptenn invitational Squads are available for students who demonstrate aptitude in their Hot shots or Teen Xtreme technical programs and clearly wish to progress to the next level. Every player is welcome to a squad trial – contact the office on 9830 6618 to organise your trial session.

    Players participating in Hot Shots Comp automatically qualify and take priority in selection for acceleration and performance squads.

    Team Toptenn squad places are strictly limited and are chosen on a first in basis for those that qualify / or are invited by their coach.