Program Description

Get the most out of your game

The Toptenn Pro Shop is an official supplier of Head equipment. We have junior and adult rackets, and a full range of tennis accessories. We have partnered with Head, one of the two leading manufactures of tennis equipment worldwide, to ensure we are supplying our clients with the best equipment possible to achieve their tennis goals. Please contact reception for more information on prices and for equipment recommendations from the club’s coaching team.

Our superfast restringing service supplies a range of strings, from standard to professional.  Toptenn’s Professional stringers will recommend the correct string type and tension to get the most out of your playing style. Whether you play an more aggressive, defensive, consistent or balanced game Toptenn Tennis has a string that will maximise your performance at the best price. Read through our description of the different strings available below and then contact the club on 9830 6618 should you have any further questions.  Rackets can be dropped off for stringing any time during the club’s opening hours.

Talk to our professional coaches about the best string tension for your game, racquet and string. If you are looking for an extra edge in your power or control, or maybe a combination of both, finding the correct tension is important. Every racquet has a recommended tension range. Tweak this to turn your racquet into your ultimate weapon.
  • Latest electronic restringing machine
  • Highly skilled restringing team providing a high quality service
  • Extensive range of quality strings to suit all standards of play and budget
  • Tennis, squash, badminton and racquet ball restringing
  • Restringing starts from $29.50 (including labour)
  • Restring loyalty card to save you money
Toptenn Tennis makes genuine attempts to reduce costs for our students and customers through club and student discounts and our very inviting “loyalty card” program. Toptenn issues you with a wallet or purse size loyalty card and mark off your restrings as you go. For every 5 restrings with any racquets we give you one restring absolutely free (no charge for strings or labour)
  • If you play once a week, you should restring your racket once a year; if you play twice a week, then restring every 6 months to keep good tension
  • If you play once a week, you should change your grip once a month as a minimum. A slippery grip will have a huge impact on where the ball goes; so invest $5 to play your best tennis.