Dear Members,

We have set up Team App to allow you easy access of information to all things Toptenn.  We know it will make your life easier and add a whole lot of value to your Toptenn member experience. Please Note: This app is ESSENTIAL for future communication for all members.

Below is a short list of the App’s best features. We are sure you will find them useful, so please take the time to check them out.


Live Weather Updates – Skip the phone queues or waiting around for a text message. The app will have live updates on the status of your classes on those not so nice days.

-Access to Champ Chart Progress – The easiest way to check your childs trophy progress.

-Holiday Program Registration – Book online and save $

-Information on All Toptenn Programs – Have questions about any of our programs or policies? All the information you need is now on the App.

-Coach Profiles  Learn more about your coach. Pick a favourite for a private lesson.

-Competition Ladders & Fixtures – Access to all junior and senior competitions & fixtures

-Morning & Evening Competition Communication Platform – The new way to communicate with our competition co-ordinators and other competition players

Click Here to Download on Iphone

Click Here to Download on Android

To check the status of your lesson during inclement weather follow these easy steps:

1) Open the Toptenn Team App

2) Click on ‘Weather & Event Updates’

3) Find and click on the update for your venue/day (This will bring up a description of the status of lessons at your location. If there is no update, then lessons are still proceeding as planned).

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