To teach a love of the game

Our philosophy is to teach a love of the game. We strive to be the fun and friendly family tennis school.

We develop and present programs to to help every student optimise their ability and attain a skill level to enjoy tennis as a lifetime pursuit.

The Toptenn Tennis Academy is a full-time professional Tennis Academy employing carefully chosen staff who meet very specific criteria. Our Senior Coaches are required to be Tennis Australia “Advanced” or “Club Professional” accredited coaches and all assistants must complete their Tennis Australia “Junior Development” coach qualifications.

Teaching tennis at Toptenn is not a hobby…it is a lifelong passion and commitment to provide quality coaching and unlimited opportunities to our students.

Our motto is: ‘Putting the FUN back into FUNdamentals’

Advanced Teaching and Learning Equipment

Tennis Playstation is a wonderful skill development work station. One of its excellent features is to accelerate a students understanding and skill progression in developing topspin and underspin.
The Academy has different levels of Ball Machines starting with our “Tennis Whizz” spiral machine, Boris who is a high-tech 400 ball capacity computerised machine that can fire balls at up to 160 kph and at 3 balls per second and our state of the art “Ace Attack” Ball machine. The Ace Attack is the world’s most sophisticated ball machine. It serves at up to 240kph (left and right handed, flat, slice, kick). It will be used in programs and is available to hire and be used in conjunction with our live video system.

With our Radar “Speed Check” Guns, the Toptenn coaches will measure your service speed to monitor how it increases over time.

Airzone and Ropezone are excellent rope target systems to improve your accuracy, develop your depth and sharpen up your angles.
Dennis Vandermeer “Target Trainers will help you pinpoint your shots and assist in some very clever technical development tools these trainers incorporate.